Tuesday, February 26, 2013

トロイメライ - 奏音69

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Upload Date: 03/27/11
Vocals: 巡音ルカ - Megurine Luka
Composer: 奏音69 - Kanon69
Illustrators: 奏音69 & 花凛 - Kanon69 & Karin
Mixing: kaichi


I describe a big dream
and go towards it on the night train tonight.
Taking only one small briefcase,
I have left everything behind me.

You fulfill a great dream
and you sing out in the vast world.
I will become an adult one day too,
so as that I can sing at that place.

I am living, still holding that dream
Somewhere that I assumed I forgot.

I am incapable of opening my eyes.
While I was meant to have finally arrived there in one go,
Even if I am hindered by the bell for the final train and miss it,
Since I will start moving again when the day breaks--
Come, to within my dream.

I cling to some faded glory,
And I am again escaping from someday and the past.

If I was pushed by every day I had rushed in
and I forgot my dream and passed the station to get off at,
then I'll be waiting forever
for the next stop at the usual platform.
If I can see you, I want to sing for you,
that one song.

I am incapable of opening my eyes.
Both the dream I was meant to forget and my faded glory
Are on the fifth line. The first train of the day is starting to move, huh?
I am fine with just a one-way ticket.
"I have left everything behind."

Oh, daybreak comes......