Wednesday, July 25, 2012

エートスの暗礁より - やまじ

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Upload Date: 07/23/12
Vocals: 鏡音レン - Kagamine Len
Composer: やまじ - Yamaji
Movie: ハイスピード藤森 - Haisupeedo Fujimori

Author's Comments
"I remember it by curious things, as scenery of the distant long ago."

From the Reef of Ethos

If I look, within the common world, is a dystopia going to be investigated.
I looked at the blurred image in you.

I feared even a thing like someday scooping out, with my ice-like fingertips,
My solitude that pretends to be waves; I had my eyes closed.

Orange that floats in blue. This place is my mental world.
I wonder if you remember. The wish whose shape I forgot.

Since I was drowning, my consciousness dissolved.

The nights that I pretended to apologize to God piled up expressionless days;
I say to you who sends the hail: "Let's go back to that one time."

The crescent moon. Monochrome. The evening landscape. The sea's voice. Crossing over fences.
Our hair that got wet from submersion from knocking over buckets.

Since it overflows, there is no meaning to a lid.

The door that opens with a key of ice. From the reef of Ethos that connects us,
Before my projected self awakens, make the moon shine with weeded-out words.