Monday, July 30, 2012

エゴロジスト - T-POCKET

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Upload Date: 10/15/10
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: T-POCKET
Illustrator: 色炉 - Iroro


Oh well, it's VERY, VERY GOOD.
Easy words are great.
I don't hate it, but after 10 years, it could be that I'm forgetting.

A luscious joke is love.
Feeling it is the deed.
If I put it into song, it'd be lovely to a degree, but...

A game of life like it dyes utter strangers scarlet.
Spinning 'round and 'round, "from the beginning."
Even the squares left undone are many, but for now I will
Prepare here for tomorrow and rest.

Since the happiness, dreams I drew in a picture would be
Eaten by goats and Mr. Tapir anyhow, we will eat them.

I try imagining it a bit.
The old guys who I often see around home
Are fastened to the life or death of humanity; if they didn't know about even an unrivaled
HERO, they'd go about avoiding stinking B.O.

Even talking about pipe dream bots, it's futile.
The logs only piled up.
Obscene delusions, I don't hate them; even being seen this way,
The clock of lustful LOVE is ringing.

Exposing my body that will eventually go to die, I dance.
I'll jump into the fray; erase me without saving an unmasking.
Not receiving a round flower of "well done"
Is fine, is that so? As if.
If the living's pretexts didn't pass, then sorry. Bye-bye. Bye.

I did consider it the way that it is,
But well, who is it that I am right now?

What to do about egoistic us shouting 'bout ecology.
The only thing that goes 'round and 'round is money.
That if they ate a good cuisine for three days, a gourmet snob would "get tired of it"?
Despite being happy if they eat enough weeds.
Hey? Helpless People of Japan.