Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crazy ∞ nighT - ひとしずくP & やま△

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Upload Date: 07/18/12
Vocals: ボカロ8人 - 8 Vocaloids
Composers: ひとしずくP & やま△ - HitoshizukuP & Yama△
Illustrator: 鈴ノ助 - Suzunosuke
Movie: TSO

Author's Comments
"Until those 【rolling credits】 fade...∞"

Village Girl...∞...Hatsune Miku
Girl Doll...∞...Kagamine Rin
Boy Doll...∞...Kagamine Len
Daughter...∞...Megurine Luka
Butler...∞...Kamui Gakupo

Mysterious Voice...∞...???

Crazy ∞ nighT

The echoing curtain call. The ovation that won't stop.
Make it echo more and more?
The buzzer for the curtain rising. The curtain went up.
With a 1, 2, 3, it begins.

When I advance on the road the spotlight illuminates;
"To a mysterious mansion." "Your invitation in full. ♪"
"You seem to be lost." "Since it is so"
"Dark outside now."
"'"'"'"Let us entertain you."'"'"'"

"The highlight scene of tonight's play..."
"'"'"'"Let's begin it."'"'"'"

"Come, that one," "this one," "and that one too? ♪"
All together, an uproar.

Advance! Crazy nighT. The curtain went up.
Get more and more excited.
It's fine if you perform following the script.
Let's become idiotic without thinking!

'Round and 'round. With a 1, 2, 3, let us get drunk, and get drunk.
Let's make more and more noise.
Is simplicity boring?
If so, let us go madder.

"Ah, what to do.." "What could have happened? ♪"
"A serious matter!!" 
"It appears that time..." "has totally stopped, huh..."
"Where did she go?" (BEFORE THEY KNEW IT)
"Even so," "the scene"
 "'"'"'"Must continue...'"'"'"

"'HEY, 【the next PagE】IT, SEEMS TO BE GONE...!'" (This is terrible!)
"Whoa, OVER THERE too?" "HERE too..."
"THERE too! ♪" "NoWHERE"
"'"'"'"Can it be found...!"'"'"'"

Search! Crazy nighT. The mad 【cause】.
We cannot advance ahead from here!
"Concealment?" "Destruction?"
"A bug?" "A strike!?"
"WHO" in the world, and "FOR WHAT"?

With a 3, 2, 1, we go back to inspect.
It's fine if you're worried more and more.
We DON'T KNOW who thought of it.
Will today again only continue?

"What was stolen was"
"The unwanted 【SCENE?"
"WITH 【the next PagE】..."
"The 【PagE】 of the future,"
"Did they know 【WHAT】it would do?"
"The one who could do 【THAT】 is..."
"'"'"'"Could the culprit be you?"'"'"'"

I found it.

Crazy nighT. Use the 【key】,
Get more and more excited.
It's fine if you perform following the TITLE.
Let's become idiotic without thinking?

If THAT's so! With a 1, 2, 3, hash 'em up, the pages!
Let's destroy them...more and more.
If you want to see the true EnD,
Let us go even madder.

"Please give back the true Crazy nighT!
Surely, surely it's not 【THIS】..."
Though it's that 【we performed following the script】,
It's not limited to being true...?

The end? Crazy nighT. The curtain went down.
"Wait, wait, don't stop it."
Unfortunately...we're out of time--!
"'Let again tonight.'"
"'"It's fine if you search, again tonight."'"

Until those
Rolling credits fade.