Thursday, July 26, 2012

パラレルスウィーツワールド - ヒダリガワすらっしゅ

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Upload Date: 07/25/12
Vocals: 鏡音レン - Kagamine Len append
Composer: ヒダリガワすらっしゅ - HidarigawaSurasshu
Lyricist & Illustrator: マトリョーシカ - Matryoshka

Parallel Sweets World

How long could I've been asleep since then?
Even my memory from before I fell asleep is vague.
When I raised my heavy eyelids, there was
An impossible world spread out.

Just about everything in this world
Is made up of sweet candy.
From the buildings, cars to flowers and clouds,
It's made up of my very favorite candy.

Teary eyes that pinch my cheeks and hurt.
I got dizzy with the too-sweet fragrances.
My empty stomach speaks a complaint.
If it's now when there's no one to stop me nor be in the way...

Flowers (candy) that bloomed on the wayside.
When I eat a mouthful, I fall victim to it.
A house of candy that I saw in a picture book (fairy tale).
That's a lot of what is before my eyes now!

I tear off the walls, lick the windows,
And uproot the chimney against my will.
When I peak into the house, in there are
People-shaped cakes
That are surprised and beg for their lives.
No doubt, it seems there's a lot inside too.

My stomach should be satisfied soon.
Though that's so, I still seek and covet.
In the world that lost the way of things, you
Were already eating even up to your own reason.

"Since you'll be going back soon, plunder for rations."
Despite it being a slight time,
"I want to survive." "I absolutely won't allow it."
"I'm sorry. Forgive me." "I don't want to believe it anymore."

At that time, the voice of someone I don't know
Churned up my head.
Various things in one moment.
So, which of them is true?

Ahead on the road I dazedly walked.
A swarm of cakes that grew from the mold.
What I can see from that crevice is a giant cake.
The inedible guy is just garbage! Step aside there!

I kick it away to the sky, and smash up
The guys who strike back right in half.
My distance to you that will by no means shorten.
I extend my short arms.
I want to eat a lot more.
Come now, without reserve,
I will accept this meal as it is.

I realized it, I woke up.
The uncanny taste that spreads in my mouth.
Red in a world that had its color
Removed, that is disgusting.

I who can no longer go back
Laugh as if I've gone crazy.
But the me within my heart
Quietly shed tears.

I who added a gunpoint to my mouth,
And was the one who quietly pulled the trigger.