Monday, July 30, 2012

アンサー - Dixie Flatline

Response song to "Just Be Friends".

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Upload Date: 07/27/12
Vocals: 巡音ルカ - Megurine Luka
Composer: Dixie Flatline
Illustrator & Movie: モゲラッタ - Mogelatte

Author's Comments
"The later discussion of a certain story."


The fading scenery that lapsed many years after that.
Time is cruel, and also kind.
The town where I lived with you, the future we promised,
Everything goes towards the faint light of the sun.

The hands that had stopped begin to tick away their own time;
Despair, relief, the rain that flowed all vanish little by little.

Isn't it odd; even so, it aches. An important place inside of my chest.
Your voice calling out my name is still forever vivid.
The thorns that should've vanished are stuck in me, saying to not forget.
These thoughts are new chains, and I'll be having them for a long time.

It's not that I regret it. I just suddenly consider
That world where everything went well.

After some wrong encounters, I fell into some wrong loves too.
It's going well with the current guy.
For example, the calm after a storm has passed.
Though my wounded heart has healed...

Why could it be that each time the seasons revolve, you call out to me?
Our memories of spending irreplaceable time together.

You'll probably continue to live within my heart forever even after this.
You're smiling with your form of that time I can't go back to, without knowing of the pain.
Isn't it sad; though we're separated like this to with no trick to it,
The extent that these thoughts smolder upon is to be friends for a long time.