Wednesday, July 4, 2012

卯月の嘘 - こなたP

Upload Date: 07/03/12
Vocals: GUMI power
Composer: ちゃむ (こなたP) - Chamu (KonataP)
Movie: ゆ - Yu
Guitarist: ぎぶそん - Gibson
Engineer: Cheap

Author's Comments
"Humans lie a whole bunch, so God made this kind of a world."

April Lies

"Do you like him?" "I hate him a lot."
What a horrible person. "Thank you very much."

Lies and truth are an upside-down world.
If you defy it, you'll slowly be erased.

Is this destiny? Or is it fortuity?
It's like another person slowly vanished,

I'm so happy. Because you who I hate has vanished.

I'll ask you again many times. But I block my ears, smiling.
If I cry out with an incomplete voice, it'll be the end in the blink of an eye.
The complicated world is terrible, but the hands of the clock aren't lies.
"The best night will come," they said, and turned off the lights at once.

Though I want to start lying that "I'm tired,"
My heart is moving. I accurately shout out life.

It's like I'm considerably crazy about "falsehood".
"How long have you known?" "No, I did not know."

"Is it fortuity?"
"I'm so happy."
"No, I did not know."
"Is it destiny?"
"Thank you very much."
"It's like I'm crazy about it."
"Since you vanished."
"I hate him a lot."
"The best night will come." 

I who can't have my way with even one word...
I wonder if it'd be fine if just one person somewhere vanished.
As if.

I want to know the truth about it, but it's smeared in lies and full of poison.
If I drown in and am dyed in hatred, surely it'll be the last notification.
Unable to hear the voice of "Wait.", the sound quietly vanishes,
But, "The worst night will come," they say, and I remove my hands from my ears.

Now, ascertain your true feelings.
We tightly grasped our hands. "I love you."