Tuesday, July 3, 2012

箱庭の悪魔憑き - kous

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Upload Date: 06/25/12
Vocals: GUMI
Composer: kous
Illustrator & Movie: hie

Author's Comments
"A certain demon's story."

The Demonic Haunting of a Miniature Garden

The morning sun woke up, and I looked next to me.
It didn't change yesterday. I was still crying.
With this, seventh person, the demonic haunting
Cannot be taken back, do you understand?

Maybe it's your fault. The fact fades into the dark.
It's not a dream., I laugh at you. The memories you hide.

Wait, wait! I still won't let it end.
Wait, wait! Wait! Time is being too fast.
But, but! The wreckage of you
Is a thing escaping the miniature garden.


The time for play has passed. The demonic haunting.
This is my punishment for you. "You're unsightly..."
The demonic haunting within the miniature garden.
Until now, not one bore fruit.

"You won't stop anymore?" I muttered.
It doesn't get through. It wasn't supposed to get through, y'know...

But, but! The beginning of things--
Wait, wait! Before it vanishes, I want to convey it.
Wait, wait! Am I bad?
Even all of the sadness up until now.


Why, why! I vanish.
Why, why! You, are you still crying?
Why, why! You face me,
"I'm sorry, thank you." you say...