Tuesday, July 3, 2012

明日、僕が死んだら - 黒田亜津

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Upload Date: 06/25/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: 黒田亜津 - Kuroda Ashin

Tomorrow, If I Die

I looked up thinking I'd search for a blue bird,
But I gave up of course.
The sky is blue, and doesn't seem visible.
Since it appears that I am not
This world's protagonist,
It seems that the weather, it won't be changing.

People who say it'd be bad if I died,
What would you do
For me if I did?
People who say it'd be nice if I died,
Look at my corpse and mourn.

Tomorrow, if I die,
It'll finally be my goodbye
To the boring world.
Tomorrow, if I die,
If there's something after that, well,
Be appropriate, at last.

In a manner just like everyone's,
Insist that I
"differ from everyone else."
But since I knew that even I
Was one of those cogs,
It's done;
So I thought.

The irreplaceable things in this world
Are truly and fairly few;
That frame, I
Couldn't enter it.
With a canvas that I painted out to be
Pure white, I,
I am at a loss.

Tomorrow, even if I die,
Surely nothing will change, huh?
Pretending not to know,
I'll continue to spin 'round and 'round
Without becoming even a bit sad.

There were various things I wanted to do.
The perfect crime, cyberterrorism.
Of my least favorite people,
To stop thinking and punch them.
To stop thinking and cry.
To stop thinking and get mad,
To stop thinking and laugh.
To try believing in somebody.

If I live through tomorrow,
Might there be a thing that will change?
I am a single gear.
I'll eagerly support something, and raise my voice.
If you live through tomorrow,
And if it's a morning after you've passed
Nights with no one else,
You'll surely be able to change.