Saturday, March 23, 2013

セツナサイクル - yui

Requested by cherryblossomcb of Blogger.

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Upload Date: 03/02/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: yui
Illustrator & Movie: しめのソラ - ShimenoSora

Moment Cycle

It was so like magic had been cast.
That smiling face that was there when I turned next to me.
The colors of a uniform that lined up and walked.
While looking with a sidelong glance,
I turn the daily

Before the days and months that flowed,
Were standing still.
"Aaaahhh" SQUEEZE...
That our meeting
And our farewell were both there
"Don't get into fights >>
So quickly! >>
It's a weaker habit than mine!" >>
<< "Where have I heard that before."
I didn't even mind then.

I remember each time the cherry blossoms scatter,
The scribbles in your textbook that I borrowed
And the one word I could not say.
I will go walking so as to again meet
With the valued treasure that I lost,
Before the magic is broken.

"I think I'll go to OO University."
"...That's out of state."
"Mm-hmm, it is."
"You have taken care of me for 12 years."

<< "How many...?"
>> "Mm, maybe 4?"
The fast food restaurant in front of a station
Where we would be in deep discussion until chased out.
The rest of my unknowingly interrupted memories
That ceased to be when I looked after a long time.
I search.

The thoughts that poked my chest
So much that I think the roads we walk
Are helpless,
They do worsen again every

I remember each time autumn is dyed,
The classroom where we messed around
With each other
And about the day
When we laughed
And cried.
The valued treasure that I lost
Is shining without changing,
So much that it almost induces tears.

Wow. "Now I can check the results with my phone." >>
<< "S-say,"
"What?" >>
<< "No, um..."
<< "If you don't get in to the school you want, go to the local college."
"..." "Why?" >>
<< "I mean, look," "You have no sense of direction, see, and wouldn't make it in the city."
[It would have been nice had I held myself back from the start, if I said it was like this after all.]
<< "Listen, with that," "If you go that far away, by no means will you be able to visit your friends."
<< "So you see--"
"Ugh." >>
"..." "It was late." >>
<< "...Oh." "Congrats."

If it is not fortuitous
That we met,
Then I wonder if our farewell
Is that kind of a thing.

I remember each time the snow accumulates,
Your voice that was in high
The one word I could
Not say.

Now, if this voice that no longer got through
Was conveying it,
I wonder if it was changing.
As if, huh, I understand.
I have
To be walking.