Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ショコラと隕石 - monaca:factory (10日P)

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 10/09/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: monaca:factory (10日P) - monaca:factory (TookaP)
Illustrator: おどり - Odori

Chocolat and Meteorites

I kicked off my space suit.
I abandoned my passport.
The sports ground of Mars.
   The lights were lit.

You are an alien.
Taking imitation stardust,
You threw it at me with a curve.
I return the blow.

It fell on Tokyo's night.

The dazzling stars.
   Don't let me sleep yet.
I won't wake up, if you stir milk
'Round and 'round into my difficult love!

Right within Shibuya, a meteor's crater.
Fill the hole that opened
   Gaping wide in my heart.

Whenever I drain all of the coffee I can't drink,
I run off to town
   With a mastermind polar bear.

The cosmos that the little birds
   Suddenly pinched ripped and tore

And spilled.

Is the flavor of love that's in the fragments of meteorites
Not sweet? I who is melting apart
In bitter chocolate.

The dazzling stars.
   Since I still don't want to sleep,
A night that won't dawn, if you stir milk
'Round and 'round into my difficult love!