Tuesday, October 9, 2012

スピンオフ・ヒーロー - imosuke

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Upload Date: 10/04/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: imosuke
Illustrator & Movie: 崎 - Zaki
Mastering & Vocal Mixing: imama

Author's Comments
"I cannot become the lead part."

Spin-Off Heroes

This world that I am looking at now
Is turning through the center of itself;
The one soaking the happy, fun, sad,
And agonizing into my body is me myself.

Life still has a long way to go from here.
Despite something like destiny meant to
Be one way or another, I suddenly realized.
It appears that I am not the lead part.

Though I don't want to admit it,
That creepy guy is the protagonist.
That girl is of course the heroine,
And obviously this scenario...

Everyone yearns to be the lead part at least 1 time.
I take it that my odd orientation is separate;
Despite that, in the script, I was, even
Heartlessly, an ordinary extra.
I did understand it.

But wait. I had both the proper birth
And up-bringing of this damn kind of extra.
Try looking at the biography.
It may be that I wasn't a discarded thing.
There is at least one highlight scene.

Even if he's called the protagonist,
That creepy guy also makes mistakes.
That girl is disappointed now.
It's the chance I didn't even wish for.

Anyone can become the hero at least 1 time.
This spin-off sequel hope.
For instance, even if this time is the close,
That girl did smile at me.
That's plenty.

Protagonists are perfect,
And have to be liked by everyone.
I who has one or two vices
Am just right at the very least.
I know of my social status;
While digesting my own role,
I'm aiming for a grand slam.

Everyone is playing as the lead part at least 1 time.
Even aside from whether they've realized it,
Even if they didn't have that planned, for instance,
They were heroes to me.
Save me again.
Spin-off heroes.