Sunday, October 21, 2012

文化哀史 - ゆずこ

The original Japanese lyrics are full of archaic Chinese characters, so I've used Old and Middle English in that respect.

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Upload Date: 10/06/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: ゆずこ - Yuzuko
Illustrator: 赤井ハイカット - Akagi Haikatto

Sad Culture History

Serves you right, stupid bastard.
You're an olde machine right now,
A pile of trash that discharges broken melodie.
Is your left arm that burned in a matter's air raid a fatal wound?
It's fine if you're ashamed of your body that's an omitted model at best.

A meeting hall returned to ash,
It's like creme shanti.
Ah, only I em confident in your life.

In the middel of a metropolis,
I was approchened by the Romansh.
They had just lost their culture seyen to be you,
Even if they becomen solitary.

It's fine if you laughen, foolish people.
I am still crazy about the guy,
And I em continuing to follow disused steps.

A waltz that ended long ago calls for me.
Ah, if it's not thus, I'll try dancing till dawn.

In the middel of a metropolis,
I was hurriedly loved by the Romansh.
They had just lost their whole culture seyen to be you,
And even if they becomen solitary,

Its romance won't die.
Widening infinitely in my chest, it's spat out,
And returns to the breath of a nostalgic culture.
Ayain, I'm supposed to meet it.

I will take you along to my next world.

I want to been loving you.