Wednesday, October 24, 2012

侠客学 - utml

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Upload Date: 10/14/12
Vocals: GUMI, 初音ミク - Gumi & Hatsune Miku
Composer: utml

Author's Comments
"Very, very human-like."


・ In the status quo of misunderstandings,
   With the ideological theories that they cling to,
   There are people who besmear ridiculous stories, right?

・ People who live like as
   Futile time.
< I am a stupid adult. ☆"
   Didn't you notice? >
A full course of lies
That were arranged luxuriously.
The brats who couldn't see
Their surroundings were laughing.

They were frivolously spending their Days
In the sadness of the downpour of rain.
Look, they just don't know how to be good, y'know.
< Y'know.
   Y'know. >
Just how much have they spat out of their decayed mouths?
Miserable self-assertion.
< It's too late.
   You can laugh, right? >

Dirty mouths that go into the emotions of others.
Tearing away their silly masks, they make them cry quick, don't they.

・ People who are living torturing lots of people.
   If you watch with hurting eyes, you'll understand.
   You'll be laughing with a chuckle.
(The building blocks) of lies that can be easily destroyed.
Spitting out smelly lines,

A BABY with a disheveled crying face.
What a sight. Lower your mug.
Cram words into your incompetent brain.

In the show of chattering liars,
Who is to be believed?
They aren't kind enough
To choose their words.
And so, it's fine to speak ill.


"The mentality that I request and wish for."
Though I don't hate it,
"Deeds that are lonely and can deceive."
I don't like it.

They're getting irritated.
That they inflict and lick each other's wounds,
It's adorable, right? (lol)
< Right?
   Right? >
< Right?
"I can't hear you." Expose the reality
To the emotions that they cover their ears to,
Since even so, what they can't see is stupid.