Saturday, October 6, 2012

二息歩行 - DECO*27

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Upload Date: 08/28/09
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: DECO*27
Illustrator: しらこむぎ - Shirakomugi

Two Breaths Walking

"This is the 1st page of the course of my evolution."

Since I want to embrace it, I walk with my 2 legs.
Since being alone is lonely, I breathe with you.

"Hey, Mama, there is a person that I like."

I wanna see you.
Hey, whose breast are you inhaling about now to be living?
I wonder, have you already learned words?

"Papa, Mama, Nina..."
"Well done. I'll be going soon."

Huh? That's odd.

The forelimbs that I lifted in order to embrace you
Do begin to wound you for some reason.

The words I learned; knives that stab into you.
A LIFE being torn to pieces.

Well, then allow me to close up, with this mouth,
That mouth before it's hit with a knife.

A face-to-face smooch.
You will inhale my breath starting now to live.
Words have already rusted with saliva.

Hey, you inhale my breath now after so long,
And though I'll show that I'll say "I like you",
If that, I'd rather you inhale my exhaled words
As if from a gas tank for your whole life and your breath runs out...