Monday, October 1, 2012

カガリビト - millstones

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Upload Date: 03/31/11
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append dark/soft/solid
Composer: millstones
Illustrator: 2e

Author's Comments
"The one final darning person who was left behind,
She lit the final fire in her heart while dragging along her tattered body.
'I have, to protect it.'"

The Darning Person

"I will give you a string of light and unbreakable volition," she said.
"Repair the wonderful world with them."

Repair the deceptive world

Always hope will shine our road,
even though I disappoint.

Falling as silent as death,
I dash through the sleeping town.
Riding to the night's abyss on a wind
That blows through and dances.

The glittering moon
Seizes those faces in profile.
What does my left hand
That shines coldly grasp?

I walk darning
In one hand one piece
Of the loosening world
And the flame of intent.

I can't see any end,
Since I am structured.
Giving up on inquiring,
One by one.

The caught thread is interrupted.
If I look, it's a sole thread.
I snap off my knees without even
Permitting my depending on them.

A body covered in patches
That reflects in the water's surface.
I inquire to the real world:
Is this a dream or fantasy?

Wearing out and sleeping,
I have a red dream.
The cresset falls,
And scorches the sky.

So as to be able to hurry up,
I start walking swayingly.
Like the solitary sun,
I repeat...

I hold onto
Every fire.

The perfectly clear blue sky.
Leaning against the shade of a rock,
The wind that caressed my cheeks
Murmured, "Good night."

My loosening, loosening memory
Of life that returns to fragments
Still doesn't see the dispersing brink.

I just barely bear it in mind. The tragic
Magic of joining shapes
Is the shadow of an irreplaceable life.

In that immobile right hand
Is the viaticum I consecrate to a soul
That returned a bouquet
Of gardenias to the earth.

My duty ends here.

In the left-behind world
Is margin-less despair.
I pray, for eternity for quite a time.

"Keepers of the eternity are no longer collapsed."
Now destiny has become yours.