Thursday, October 11, 2012

うたいたいうたがないうた - 21世紀P

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Upload Date: 10/09/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: 21世紀P - 21SeikiP
Illustrator: 鴨 - Kamo
Movie: Ruco (ファミマP) - Ruco (FamimaP)

Author's Comments
"What's said to be what I want to convey,
What's said to be that there's someone I like,
What's said to be that I have a dream I want to fulfill,
Is not a thing that I am at all embarrassed of."

The Song That's No Song I Want to Sing

Speaking of me recently, there's nothing I especially want to sing;
Words that don't hinder me much. Though I had sold my love and dreams,
I say that trying to begin something fun wouldn't especially agree with me,
And I am happily passing through days that were filled with idleness.

Even if I watch movies, listen to music, and try to fall in love,
Since no IDEAS will come to mind,

"The song that's no song I want to sing".

There is nothing beyond this that I want to convey.
I am surely incapable of being a person one would like.
I wonder if it's fine that I can't find anything I want to do.
Despite understanding that it's pointless if like that...

Speaking of me recently, I want to grasp some impetus;
I try moving around, and the sky turns today too...

I cannot convey them upfront enough that I would want to convey them.
I bet the person I like wouldn't turn back and look at me.
Though there are things I want to do, since I'd be laughed at,
I pretended to be indifferent. I pretended to be indifferent.

The things I want to convey are, in truth, a lot.
Even the person I like is secretly looking for me.
Since I plan to certainly have things I want to do,
So as that I can laugh one day at this song...