Monday, October 8, 2012

正義粉砕 - Maki (偽善者P)

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Upload Date: 11/19/11
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: Maki (偽善者P) - Maki (GizenshaP)
Illustrator: 真理恵 - MariA

Justice Breaker

Shall I break your justice?

Picking out a cracked mask,
I tried fastening it to my hollow self.
Shall I too speak to you,
Of the THINGS I came to see up till now?

For example,
If I want to make
A story to cry over,
Would it be
Good if I
Make the kind
Heroine die?

Say she dies and everyone cries,
And say "it's no dream"?
I don't need that kind of hypocrisy.
Even I did realize that it
Was a mere picture!

But, I have to
Love even that
Kind of
Sorry reality;
Say I can't go on living!
I'm breaking
And I am living doing that.

These eyes have seen too much of the world,
And even mere hopes grew unable to be seized.
What's vibrantly scattering,
Are my once-upon-a-time memories.

Now, if I want
To grasp the future,
I'll immediately abandon
Damn illusions that won't surrender;
Isn't honesty fine,
I'm not scared of anything!
I will break your justice;
For example,
Say I smile at sorry liars,
Say I smile at sorry hypocrites,
Say nothing will change!
Say you don't vanish!
Listen, stand up, and face forward.

Also, I'm breaking
Somebody's justice.
Also, we are changing
The world.
Say the ones who laugh
At the end are us;
We're living believing so.