Tuesday, October 9, 2012

アリス ノッキンオン ヘルズ ドア - わか/IMBK

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Upload Date: 10/08/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: わか/IMBK - Waka/IMBK
Illustrator: 千助 - Chisuke
Movie: えむめろ - Emumelo
Mastering: かごめP - KagomeP

Author's Comments
"Alice knocked on the door of Hell.
...And beyond the door is?"

Alice Knockin' on Hell's Door

She opened a picture book.
A suspicious secondhand book.
DO NOT OPEN is written on it.
Bewitchingly expressing a smile
Within the picture book, a rabbit.
A black rabbit that should be white.

The jack of hearts
Expresses tears
And is looking over here,
As if to say...save me.
The gardeners were painting over
The white roses with black.
They smiled having fun...

The landscape that abruptly shines.
If you look, there
Within the picture book,
She became Alice...

A world that's being dyed pitch black.
Where's the queen of hearts off to?
A black rain is dyeing me towards the dark.
A jack like a spade
Expresses tears and says,
"It's the end."
It's the fault of the door to Hell
That the queen of hearts opened.
If I don't go to close the door at once,
I'll chase the black rabbit,
Facing towards the door to Hell.
In there is...

"I'm cold... This is awful."
The black door I closed.
"Open it at once."
A voice that echoes within.
"Who are you?"
Beyond the door,
My laughing voice
That I hear faintly.

The moribund queen of hearts
Who's falling near the door.
"I mustn't let them out of there."
"Do you have the resolution to fight
Your ugly self dirtied by you?"
This world is you yourself.
I'm duplicating it within your heart.
The world within the picture book is crumbling.
Who is the one who will save my heart
That is crying beyond the door?