Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear lover - Eon

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 10/13/12
Vocals: Gumi
Chorus: Lily
Composer: Eon
Lyricist: NURU
Illustrator & Movie: cyan
Bassist: こおろぎ - Koorogi
Pianist: GOTS
Mastering: かごめP - KagomeP

Dear lover

Loving. Being loved. Repeating encounters and farewells.
That one day I didn't speak, unable to even be upfront, even now,
I haven't forgotten. Even the key to my heart that I couldn't hand over.
Each and every thought in my heart, I've been passing through the days.

I carry my pain and cross through lonely nights too,
Because I really like them. Because of the person I cherish.
The feelings I didn't speak of. These feelings I can't speak of.
I'll cross through time, and convey them to you.

Loving. Being loved. Repeating loving nights.
Scared to lose them, these feelings I couldn't tell.
Cowardly me who cannot face you.
Each and every thought is now disagreeing with us.

For the sake of a glittering future, I change my tears into kindness,
And our hearts that love each other are keeping us two apart.
You only like me.

I was beside you too much, and couldn't reveal these thoughts.

Believe in your feelings. Believe in me.
Show them to me as they are.
It's necessary for us to quarrel and face each other,
In order for us two to become one...