Thursday, September 13, 2012

蜥蜴の行方 - 田中B

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Upload Date: 03/27/11
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin
Composer: 田中B - TanakaB

Author's Comments
"A bunch of steel on the way to defrauding also shines."

A Lizard's Course

A brightness that's enough to totally forget
    even the red moon clinging to the window.

The evergreen oak, where even the shivering
    of frozen skylarks is settled, still etches an emagram.

"The ambiguous fragrance and auditory hallucinations of empty space continue yet."

The original summer cicada is the dark. The fire of fireflies withers,
And even the asphalt's melting.

The shadow of the moonlight that I once saw. An amaryllis flower.
The smashed sky is only falling.

The footprints of a lizard clinging to the window.
    It imitates the faded night sky uncouthly.

Blue stained with sand. Wavelets that are reflected upside-down.

<<A colloid is swallowed......>>

The whisperings of monaural demons. The ending of the dawn.
The jealous roadside tree also goes far off.

A twinkling that repeats an unevenness illuminates in a dim blue.
I only tread on the solid earth that vanished.

Why? Why? .......

The original white snow is the dark. A METAL rainfall.
    It lies thick on an ashen hill.

Finally, at the time of an irregular spark, the dawn is on edge,
   and is vanishing without leaving one behind only.....only.

The snapped-off wings of Pegasus. The scent of rotted iron sand.
A bronze cicada cries. A madder snow downpours.

Why, why, why, why.....