Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reverse - めいこ

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 03/18/13
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: めいこ - Meiko
Lyricist & Tonal Marks: ゆいこんぬ - Yuikon'nu
Illustrator: 依存 - Izon
Movie: Silve

Author's Comments
"- Which  self  is  the  true  one  ? -"


I was forever gazing
At the sky at daybreak
With my exhausted consciousness.
My interrupted memory.
Even if I try to follow, yesterday when I cannot
Grasp anything in the pitch dark.

Since when
Was your voice echoing in my ear?
"How come we are here?"

In a world that could crumble,
Did I totally forget even the words
That I had just exchanged with you?
Even if I do not understand
The darn meaning of wounding each other, I only fight,
Against you
Who had the same face, in this dream (world).

When I was little,
The one who gently
Buried my loneliness of being all alone for me
Was you who was always
Together with me,
Without knowing who "you" were.

"How come you understand without saying anything?"
"How come? Since I am you yourself, see..."

While perplexed on a road
Where no one is, I continue to search.
Which self is the true one?
I bet that the one who sought
Reality was not only myself.
The mutual place to be is, yes,
Only here.

You said it.
Won't you decide?
The one who can remain
Is only one person.
I cannot yield.
I killed my breath
And closed my eyes.
I do not want to vanish.

The world that could crumble
Is deciding to declare the ending time.
I erase every memory
And the door of destiny opens.
Who is the one who moved this hand?
It escapes my blurred vision--
After the voice that had laughed at the end
Resounded in the dream (world),
The hands of the clock declare,
The truth.