Thursday, March 21, 2013

立金花 - 彩花P

In the Japanese language of flowers, a marsh marigold stands for "luxury", "blessings to come without fail", and "the happiness of seeing you". White skunk cabbage stands for "beautiful memories" and "unchanging beauty".

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Upload Date: 02/02/13
Vocals: 巡音ルカ - Megurine Luka
Composer: 彩花P - SayakaP
Illustrator: Seamartini

Marsh Marigold

The nights when powdery snow flutters down are the cosmetics for winter sprouts.
The snow melting, tales of thin ice that are waiting.
Send them out on the wind whistling through the fence.

They go with the flow, entrusting their seeds to a gentle breeze--
The sighs of the sprouts of things as if compromising.
An encounter with white skunk cabbage with a shape this natural.
It was the place to celebrate their reunion from sleep.

A conversation where they are getting close, softly whispering.
The next season will come here very soon.
The gold-colored forms that go towards the sky and stand up,
How ever luxurious they are both this year and the next.

The tale of the snow melting. Toward both ends of the late winter--
The reason the sprouts awoke today.
It was a birthday, right? Marsh marigold.