Friday, March 8, 2013

rusty - kk2

Requested by cherryblossomcb of Blogger.

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Upload Date: 02/17/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append dark
Composer: kk2
Lyricist: えいちお - Eichio
Illustrator: たっか - Takka
Movie: シエル* - Ciel*
Guitarist: けーだっしゅ - Keedasshu
Bassist: なちゅき - Nachuki
Drummer: 3110

Author's Comments
"'Come here, make me hug you tight...'"


I sink within my crimes.
I am solitary in a birdcage.
My feathers that were dyed blue
Fluttered and melted into the sky.

A heart covered in wounds.
Not noticing it, my memory
Of seeing in the distance you
Who was secretly going away.

The rusted-together contradictions
Of the ego I had held
And the arms I pitied
Rotted and broke apart in the end.

When the past struggled and drowned
Deep into a dream one day,
It failed to hear a loving voice
And vanished toward ephemera.
The bird always searched
For a place to rest in its chest.
It flourished only bravado
And threw away the ones it protected.

The reason that I receive the punishment
That I personally impose and distort.
I who was dyed red
Resembled the falling sky.

Only futility forever
That hurts to be unable to tear off.
I knew that you were
Necessary for happiness.

My thoughts that had rusted together
As they had wafted
In a temporary sea
Unexpectedly added up.

Long ago I lost the purpose
Of the cage that had been surrounding me.
Crushing a loving voice to death,
The wish I carried off.

The birds always searched
For a place to rest together.
They threw away even the future
That was granted when they cuddled together.

"Only you were everything."
"I gazed at you only."
"I hid it in you only."
"While it was nice it was only you..."