Friday, March 1, 2013

ロズウェル - 硝子ウールP

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 02/23/13
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: 硝子ウールP - GlassWoolP
Illustrator & Movie: kagaku
Mastering: かごめP - KagomeP
Encoder: silve

Author's Comments
"I made the turmoil concerning UFOs and aliens as the theme, what's known as the 'Roswell UFO Incident' as it practically happened in America in the 1940s. Try Googling the people who had it on their mind. lol
Are there such things as aliens?
I want to try believing it a little cuz I exist... Though, I bet it's all COUNTERFEIT. lol
I tried making it into a song that was full of cynicism like that kind of a feeling. ☆"


The media that extorts with counterfeits too, and the mania of believing that they're the real thing,
They besmear colors upon staged incidents.

Information. Complication. Verification. Speculative suspicion.
DISCUSSION. REPETITION. Pretenses shaking in film.

Roswell. You raised your first cry from here. GRAY.
Doubt and curiosity as provisions. Stars of our hopes swell. Will the day come when you finally arrive someday?

How about it?

It was increasing in mens rea. Dummy mountains. The highest stage of dancing disputes.
Testimonies, that backing, everything is a montage.

Hoaxes. Cover-ups. Handicraft. Geoglyphs all night.
DECORATION. IMITATION. What do the contradictions bury?

Roswell. At all times, the things that we are deceived about here are correct.
The mystery that everyone was seeking has been shining forever like that day. I want to believe it.

Am I stupid?

Both the cosmos that day and the future will go as I wish.
TECHNOLOGY knocks down the maze's walls. Analog discs cannot fly.

We do still to be decieved yet, see.
With FAKES that are just dazzling, stars of our hopes, swell. Make the meteorites of our dreams fall.
Crossing the stereotypes, verses of love toward the angel of Mars.

Roswell, oh.