Friday, March 8, 2013

伝説の魔女 - トラボルタP

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Upload Date: 02/28/13
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin append
Composer: トラボルタP - TravoltaP
Illustrator & Movie: べて - Bete

The Witch of Legend

The lineage of scary witches who totally succeeded each other somewhat.
Either way, starting today, I am the head of the household.

With pitch black Western clothing and crows and a black cat,
THUNDER that roars in the castle and pelting rain that glazed over.
Ugh! That's not fashionable!

I will turn it around and around,
A glittering magic wand.
With the grand magic I chanted,
The great explosion of this castle.

I toss the crumbling
Customs into a trash can,
And I will begin from zero.
A grand reorgization to my liking.

A charming castle that I went about making.
A stripey-stripey striped cat to go with pink crows.

All of those below me who accepted me somewhat
Will come to sightsee and make requests everyday.

I will resolve any kind of troubling matter.
'Cause I am a very eminent grand magician!
Isn't it awesome!

I will turn it around and around,
My glittering magic want.
With the grand magic I chanted,
The great explosion of the source of your trouble.

One day rumors of it
Will spread throughout the world
And they'll come from various
Lands to visit me.

Since it's bothersome or something,
The extra-large magic I fire.

Plant love and courage
In the influential around the world!

It somewhat became relatively peaceful after that.
It's kind of boring. Should I break it again?
With my grand magic, it's just a piece of cake.