Sunday, September 2, 2012

─white book story─ - vataco (バタパンP)

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Upload Date: 08/30/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: vataco (バタパンP) - vataco (BatapanP)
Illustrator: 白彦 - Hakuhiko

Author's Comments
"─God who descended to the world─"

─white book story─ 

With only this small world,
We're composing tales (now),
So as that 2 people no longer get wounded.

It was only that I suddenly thought of it.
If everyone with the exception of 2 people
Were to totally cease to be,
Maybe even this kind of sad thought would vanish...

As if...

You gathered up the words
Of mine that I grumbled with a sigh,
Nodded a little,
And caressed my cheek.

"Hey, did you know?
That we are capable of it,
Making that."

Turning a pencil that'd shortened, you said.
I scowl at the pure white paper scraps,
And it widens.

─God who descended to the world
Made humans called "me and you",
And that gave us lots of dreams and trials.─

Under an unmoving clock tower,
The warmed tale, back and forth.
"Tomorrow, what kind of happiness shall we draw?"

"What could be waiting ahead for these 2 people?"
You start to ask me, seeming very glad.

"Let's see, at any rate, yes,
Shall we do a fun thing,
Different from reality, to totally laugh?"

Frail you instead
Composes letters.
Stare at me.

Until the end, it was making me truly have fun...
My wish is just to be as 2 people with you.

─God who descended to the world
Eradicated the humans without hesitation,
And we are the story of only accepting that.─

Gripping your unmoving hand,
With the warmed tale still not ended,
This world ended.

What am I capable of?
What in the world will get through to you?
I am forever considering that.

The half-written notebook overflows with your wishes,
And I lower my back at ease, wishing.
A different future.

─God who descended to the world
Made humans called "me and you,
And granted a small wish on the small world.─

En route of a tale that won't end,
The letters that run with tears seem to vanish;
My thoughts toward
You of that day

Are to the sky...