Saturday, September 15, 2012

血煙旅情インモラルテヰスト - かごめP

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Upload Date: 09/08/12
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin append
Composer: かごめP - KagomeP
Illustrator & Co-Lyricist: 森田せらぎ - Morita Seragi

Author's Comments
"It's already autumn, but it's hot."

An Immortalist With a Spurting Blood Traveling Mood

"The voice I cling to won't end......." My my my, it's time.
When might be the next recitation? YOUR voice.......

An objet d'art that steps forth in the night. About face each leg.
Put aboard a dreamless dream, tonight let's search for a scapegoat (sacrifice).

A gentle spurting blood traveling mood. TWO A.M. and I can no longer go back.
Person whom I loved. I will indulge upon your oh-so-sweet brain (head). ♪

Tres bien!!
Que gostoso!!

"The one I loved is to be the scapegoat (sacrifice)......" My my my, it's the phone.
The next recitation will one of these days...... "Who is this, please?"

"Put your hands up!!"

(Are you fighting?)

"Put your hands up!!"

That I love you, that I love you,
That despite loving only YOU,
That I won't let you escape, that I won't let you escape,
That tonight I want YOU,
That I love you, that I love you,
And despite loving only YOU,
Despite loving you, despite loving you, loving, loving,
I want to become one......with YOU......

PL-OP, PLOP it oozes out, and it's MELANCHOLY that can't be put back.
Person whom I loved. I will indulge upon YOUR miso soup. ♪