Wednesday, September 12, 2012

sick‘s ∞ - 囚人P

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Upload Date: 09/07/12
Vocals: 鏡音レン - Kagamine Len append
Composer: 囚人P - ShūjinP
Lyricist: アホの坂田 - AhoNoSakata
Illustrator: 麗 - Rei
Movie: asaki

sick‘s ∞

I spent with you Slight seasonal
I don't need words.
A certain quivering summer day.

This season. This feeling.
Intolerable heat and listlessness
Don't matter. Even if they don't come, y'know.

But I think. This summer
Came along last year too, right?
We met by chance.

My great memories
From before when I
Forever looked up with you.
The skyrockets spilled over and fell.
"I like you." As if.
I can't say such special words.
I fell silent. That one summer day.


If you'd like, can we go to the festival together?

This season. Even now,
I remember with the color and scent of the sunflowers.
Despite being fine now, I want to forget...

I still think. That one summer
Won't come along this year too.
No matter how many years lapse.

The one great time
After it that when I
Forever shook with you.
Catching goldfish, it tore and fell.
"Love me." As if.
I couldn't say such an ephemeral line,
And I was crying. That one summer day.

Your candy apple is red, red.
It's dying my eyes.
Is this it?
Was it distorted?
Those eyes reflected in drops.

A mere knot that
Joined me with you.
Your yukata form had its skin kicked down.
"Goodbye." As if.
Bluffing, sorry.
I smiled at the very end.
One summer's love.