Sunday, September 30, 2012

妄想×妄想=現実逃避の日常 - toworuwoto

Requested by traitorshade of LiveJournal.

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Upload Date: 09/01/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: toworuwoto

Author's Comments
"'I don't need something like reality anymore.'
But if you're just running away, nothing will being, though."

Delusion × Delusion = Escapist Everyday

Even if I line up theoretic theories
In boring reality, nothing has meaning.
Doing that, I engage my head in the
Existence and proof of my very own self.

The so-called hero of justice I saw
Way back in a dream is performing simply.
Asking for the impossible; for me to be myself.
And so I again became miserable.

Usually the sudden extraordinary that I'm seeking.
Escapism in convenient reality.
It's no use; I'll relapse again this way.
I who understands that is just about a bad thing.

My mood rises with wounds all over my body.
Interaction with an audacious heart.
Creatively fantastistic "me" comes and goes;
The inborn theoretic aim to go for is the "abnormality" of a weakly constituted thinking pattern.
Ah, it is no use now. I...
GOODBYE, myself.

With a one, two and three, four, I change "myself",
Carrying it in a stimulatingly emotionally borderline intracerebral conference,
Becoming the hero of justice starting tomorrow--
Just kidding--saving ya from the world dispute with a chichin'nopui;
Tomorrow I'm ruling the earth again,
And looking down from above without saving the humans who revere me,
I won't have to do anything anymore,
And it won't end; delusion × delusion = escapist everyday.

Losing sight of both dreams and hopes
In every day that continues, what the heck do I want to do?
I say things like I'm not serious, I can do it if I do it;
Stop it with the excuse-like bullshit already!

I'll soon be brought back to reality,
The same everyday. Terrible life.
If I'm this kind of myself, I don't have
The courage to throw out being alive sooner.

Liberalization from prospective anxiety. Rumors from an absolute society.
I don't need something like "reality" that we're living in anymore.
Loving an ideal me, I'm living in a "delusioned world".
Ah, I can't go back now.
GOODBYE, world.

With a one, two and three, four, I change the "world",
Starting the borderline final judgement of surprise life,
Becoming the management of evil starting tomorrow,
Doing stuff, driving the world's humanity to the verge of extinction;
Tomorrow I'm destroying the world again,
And looking down from above without saving the lives who defy me,
I won't have to do anything any more,
And it won't end; delusion × delusion = escapist everyday.

With a one, two and three, four, shall I change the "now"?
Living an everyday life sluggishly on the borderline of every day,
I'm becoming an adult starting tomorrow,
And doing that, I'll create the important power of myself living;
Since tomorrow I'll be stronger again,
I'll cross over everything I looked down on with my own power,
And since I'm not the self that is not anything,
It's the end now; delusion × delusion = escapist everyday.