Sunday, September 16, 2012

夕蝉とかげおくり - しっこく

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Upload Date: 08/30/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: しっこく - Shikkoku
Illustrator & Movie: へちま - Hechima

Evening Cicadas and Shadow See-Off

Playing hide and seek with the sun, the sunset starts to spin.
Me on the right, you on the left, our first shadow see-off.

                            --day shift.
Though you'll go far away, I will not be sad.
And so, with a smile, bye-bye.
My heart's different.

We do start to walk alone, alone. Matching our backs, me and you.
If I start to walk one by one, I'll turn around, making the song as two.

A promise, "Here again, hey, we will play together."
The words I said called out your tears.

It's bitter, and sad; though I really wanted to convey it,
I gently wiped away your spilling tears.

The fragrance of summer that smells of soil passed right before me.
The crude miracle of your smile
That I start to follow.

I had a feeling that both that and this were wrong. They're not in a treasure chest.
If only anything and that were photographed happily...

Since the photographs in my treasure chest that are like a pair of sunflowers
Seem to have taught me that "what I'm looking for isn't me".

Ahead where I suddenly look back, is a nostalgic sun.
If I put back the knot, it's the left hand that taught
Me of what I'm looking for. And so, it vanishes...

Though you are surely not ahead where I started running,
I had a feeling that I would again meet with that one day's sky.

More than any, hey, kind of treasure, goodbyes gathered.
The shadows that me and you cast with smiles in the sky that one day still
Clear, so as to leave you in the care of me.

And so, I cast my shadow. A glance of a memory I spin alone.
I'm not lonely, my left hand's full with you who was there that one day.