Saturday, September 8, 2012

秘蜜 ~黒の誓い~ - ひとしずくP

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Upload Date: 04/05/10
Vocals: 鏡音リン・レン - Kagamine Rin/Len
Composer: ひとしずくP - HitoshizukuP
Illustrator & Movie: 鈴ノ助 - Suzunosuke
Mixing: やま△ - Yama△

Author's Comments
"That evening encounter, drew an unforgivable taboo towards itself.
A foolish angel, a human girl who wrapped her body in jet black, the forbidden fruit, and also betrayal.

When sweet honey trickles, a gunshot that will cause everything to end, will sound--"

Secret ~Vow of Black~

An angel who'd removed her wings
Entrusted her body to a dirtied pledge;
Even in the past when they loved one another,
She eradicated it with those hands of hers.

A wounded, lost angel.
She wandered about the evening town,
And encountered a lone girl
Who had lovely eyes.

The pitiful angel who'd fallen in love
In that moment when their eyes had met,
As her impermissible thoughts worsened,
She opened a forbidden box.

What they sought was hidden behind their smiles;
The forbidden fruit.
In order to grant the impermissible love of human and angel,
They'll only destroy everything.

If I throw away my undirtiable heart
And can live loving you,
I will cast away even these feathers,
And entrust my body to the devil.

A bride dyed in jet black.
At the place of a holy vow,
She met a mysterious boy
Who smiled with fickle eyes.

The pitiful girl who'd fallen in love
In that moment when their eyes had met,
As her impermissible thoughts worsened,
She betrayed everything.

What they obtained was within these hands of theirs;
Fruits of desire that they'd continued to pine for.
The heat of seeking together and scrambling for.
She's violating even a vow
To remain chaste.

If eradicate everything of the
Interconnected past into tiny pieces,
Then I'm only drowning and falling in you
Enough to lament even my regrets.

Ah The forbidden sin
Amounts to an unhealed wound and continues to be carved in;
The arrow of judgement which can be angered
Penetrates the girl in jet black.

My dear, lying cold
I will spend all my life for you as I swore on that day...
My sin against God...

The angel who'd removed her wings
All my acts of treachery shold be paid by my death,
Released a dirtied pledge,
so I will die for you...
And in exchange for that life,
She bequeathed a single feather,
I believe, that's my fate.
Saving the girl

And evanescing.

The angel who'd removed her wings,
And a bride dyed a dirtied black.
Even if they fall to the bottom of the earth,
They'll intertwine the lynchpins of their vow,
And be carrying an impermissible sin.

Until that time when they again meet by chance
When the fruit of sin has rotted away.