Tuesday, September 4, 2012

マニエール・ノワール - おおたに

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Upload Date: 07/05/12
Vocals: Gumi extend whisper
Composer: おおたに - Ootani

Author's Comments
"I am even now, in love."

Manière Noir

Hey, perhaps
My love has totally ended, I wonder.
Hey, perhaps
I'm not in your tomorrow.

Has the April wind totally stolen
Someone away this year too, I wonder?
Will the June rain totally wash
My sad feelings away again too, I wonder?

While casting my eyes down, I went downhill,
And walked stepping on wet cherry blossoms.
While being perplexed, while tripping,
I will go on living forever doing this.

Please, please, put the days I am loved
And my wishes onto a shooting star.
If the morning comes, I will sober up from a dream.
I am even now in love.

Hey, perhaps
The hands of the clock have totally stopped, I wonder.
I alone
Search for you who's within a miniature garden.

Knock it off, stop it, the song of that one day.
Adding to my wounds enough for something
Like kindness that grew cold to nestle close,
It's now too late for anyone to save me.

I had been falling. I was descending.
I never want to see you again.
Though cycling seasons leave me behind
And rapidly advance ahead,
At least while you're mutually
Sharing love with only someone
Next to you who isn't me,
I want you to be happy.

Please, please kill the days I am loved
And my voice in the stillness of the night,
So as that your thoughts will ripen,
So as that my love will end.

If the night ends, will days I am loved
Visit as far as I'm concerned, I wonder?
Though, now I wish on a star for only
The happiness of you alone.