Friday, August 30, 2013

Trees In Our Homeland - りゅーりゅー (びにゅP)

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Upload Date: 12/23/10
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: りゅーりゅー (びにゅP) - ryuryu (BinyuP)
Illustrator: 岬 - Misaki

Trees In Our Homeland

Come, let us hear it, would you.
The beginning of the tale that you described.
In what manner is this world reflected in your eyes?

Saying it's because there's nothing here,
You choose to rush out with hurrying legs.
How's we be here watching over your backside that's going far away?

We trace the trails of the tears that softly spilled over,
And we won't forget. That kind of tenderness that you showed,
Trying to act brave.

You gather dazzling light, and you stretch your hands way up high.
Come, wipe away the tears from a bit ago.
Chasing after dreams whose courses can't be known, eventually just about everyone is changing.
Come, we'll let go of your hands, in the direction of your very own dream.

We wonder if you still remember it,
The promise we exchanged here:
Even if everything changes, we'll be right here.

We embrace dearly all of the memories too of when you were young
That were quietly shut away,
And are waiting for you.

You gather dazzling light, and you stretch your hands way up high.
Come, glitter in your very own colors.
If you are deeply, deeply wounded in the middle of your trip that gives no answers,
Come on back here at any time.
And so, if time flows again and you can love just about everything someday,
Yes, take these hands one more time and smile.