Saturday, August 3, 2013

[It's not] World's end - ナノウ (ほえほえP)

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 08/31/09
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: ナノウ (ほえほえP) - Nanou (HoehoeP)
Illustrator & Movie: オサレP - OsareP

[It's not] World's end

Ah, be
Smiling forever, okay?
Until the end of the world.

After about 5 seconds,
The world will end.
If my body hits the ground,
Then it'll be the end.
Don't look at me like that.
I'm now
Being satisfied.
It's true.

All of the things I didn't get through to.
That woman who hit me.
Everything and anything, GOODBYE.
Now I'll let go of this hand.

My body slowly lurches.
I had a feeling that I heard
A voice calling my name.
If I look up,
It's the sky without a single cloud.
It doesn't match me at all.
That's all there is.

When I would tremble uneasily
And start to talk,
You narrowed
your eyes tenderly
And smiled at me.
Though I was scared of my ringtone
And it didn't
ring a single time,
The phone from you.
I was glad.

Forget about someone like me,
And live on through happy days, 'kay?
Though, every year, only on this day,
Remember just for 5 minutes.

It was surely waiting for me somewhere.
It's getting closer with all its power,
The voice calling for me.
It's so stupid.
You look like you could cry,
And your unreliable hands
Reach toward me.

That's right.
You do that,
And save me from
The end of the world.

It's so stupid.
I could flat out cry.
In my right hand
Is your left hand.