Thursday, June 13, 2013

ライフモンタージャー - PIROPARU

Requested anonymously.

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 03/08/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: PIROPARU
Lyricist & Illustrator: 多英子 - Taeko
Arranger: Pheema

Author's Comments
"In a world where I could get everything I sought, I lost 'me'."

Life Montager

Symbolized alternatives.
Personalities that're rewritten.
Outward appearances that CATEGORIZE
And fail to choose their dispositions.
The perfect DATABASE
That makes dreams of coveting come true.
In order to become the "selves we want to be",
Let's replace our parts today too.

The world that everybody sought.
The non-discriminating future.
Terribly cruel equality.
Missing self-portraits.
What I want isn't perfect grades.
It's not heart-pounding adoration either.
The fact of the matter is, since it's "you",
I'll paint over the canvas today too.

"I wanted you to choose me."
Yesterday's thrown-away me cries.
I look, pretend not to look, and repeat it.
My patched-together, hackneyed daily life.
A perfectionist can't sleep.
The tastes that don't end become habit.
The "obvious" is getting hazy.
In this world, see--
Life montager.

Where could the right answers be?
A maze where I can't see the GOAL.
If there's no exemplary solution,
What should I believe?
Days of searching, seeking, and running.
It's blurring so much I stretch my hand out.
While I'm yearning for you this much too,
Nobody knows about "you".

Since there's not a person to answer
The commonplace question
Of who the heck am "I",
I will become "me" today too.
There's not a person to follow
My ambiguous outline.
I'm too free, and I am going mad.
My shouts also outright vanish.
I want to give up, saying that's enough.
Although I can't do that kind of thing at all,
I say to the trembling night, bestow
"You" to me somehow.

Within the mountain from the canvas I abandoned,
I don't want to look at the incomplete "me"--
While I was forever continuing to go far away,
"You" were within the mirror, weren't you?

When I inquire, "Is this enough?",
Answer with "It's enough."
Make me think, "I think it's enough."

"I wanted you to choose me."
Being crossed out, I was crying.
Let's gather and embrace
Every one of us so far.

Oh, I did meet "you" at last.

The ending of the nights that closed in tears.
The emotions of "me" that accumulated over the days.
"You" are the one and only
"Thing of your own" in this equal world.
How is it that I was able to not love
"You" who had been by my side forever?
I can say to "you" at last that I like you.



Like "me".