Monday, April 1, 2013

キミガスキ - Fate (姉御P)

Requested by Canon Morales Molina of Blogger.

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Upload Date: 03/27/11
Vocals: 鏡音リン・レン - Kagamine Rin/Len append
Composer: Fate (姉御P) - Fate (AnegoP)
Illustrator: an

I Like You

Listen, grant my dream
Of an adorable maiden's love.
Because, boys ought
To say cherishing things.

(You've) grown adorable,
And become (very) pretty too.
Since I was forever watching beside you,
I'm noticing it more than anyone else.

Within a maze of love
That's just a bunch of passing each other by.
If I recite an incantation towards you,
Open the door.

I cannot be straightforward.
I don't have enough courage.
If I sort of whispered it softly,
If only it would happen soon.

Always, while we are together,
We just quarrel a bunch.
You see, the truth is I wanna
Be holding hands with you.

Although it'd be (very) awkward
To say (you're) my lover,
I was thinking about it since I was little.
I'll finally speak my mind.

I murmured to the night sky
Of the feelings I wanted to deliver.
I wanna convey right now
The words that're melting into the sky.

If it is that tomorrow's sunny,
I will go to see you.
I saw the best sweet smile
And my thoughts overflowed.

The tip of the red thread
Is tied to you.
Although I don't know if it's an exaggeration,
I was believing so.

Being in this love
Was destiny teasing us.
For the miracle that us two met,
Thank you, God.

"Hey, since I'll only say it once, listen up... I like you."