Friday, June 1, 2012

エイは育ち、僕はプロポーズに鉄を曲げる - 家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP

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Upload Date: 05/28/12
Vocals: VY2
Composer: タカハシ ヨウ (家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP) - Takahashi You (Ie-no-ura-de-manbou-ga-shinde'ruP)
Illustrator: 竜宮ツカサ - Ryūgū Tsukasa

Author's Comments
"His perseverance."

Sting Rays are Raised, and I Twist Iron for a Proposal

While meandering by the side of the neighborhood river,
I was considering the words for my proposal.
This ring that I only just obtained,
I wonder if it'll pass onto your hand tomorrow.

I had only stumbled a little.
The ring that was shining on the palm of my hand,
At a precise angle that was no more than this,
Flew out beyond the opposite bank.

There's not even a bridge for me to go get it.
There's nothing that would work well as a boat.
When I put both legs in to swim my way across,
An old person who was watching says,

"This is the Sanzu River."

What a legend to be flowing
Through this kind of place!
So the opposite bank is the World of the Dead.
I thought it was Kanagawa!

I tried to swim closer at once,
And it hurt to the closer I got;
Moreover, I feel better getting closer;
If I go to the opposite bank, I will die.

Realizing that, I turn back and go home,
And come back with a slumbering fishing rod.
Believing that the ring will be caught
On the hook, I cast the rod.

"Believe in miracles!"

8 sting rays were caught in a row.
I don't need that kind of miracle right now.
Go grow up somewhere else.
Where were you when I swam some time ago!

I cast and cast without catching it.
The sun falls and again climbs.

I got blisters which broke open;
Blood flowed and hardened.

I still haven't caught it.
But that thing is
An important ring.

I made a promise to meet up with you. The time to meet up with you has come.
Going towards my house, you happen to pass by me.
You look at exhausted me, you look at me who's about to cry,
And I tell everything to you who's rushing over.

It's a terrible proposal.

When I went to cast my rod again,
You hugged me from behind.
Knowing of the coldness of
My body, it was the time my heart began to break.

Back and forth, the hook was struck and distorted.
If I look, it's become a hoop.
You put that on your hand,
Crying while you smiled.

"Thank you for the lovely ring."