Saturday, June 9, 2012

初恋学園・純愛科 - Nem

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Upload Date: 06/04/12
Vocals:鏡音リン・レン×GUMI - Kagamine Rin/Len & Gumi
Composer: Nem
Illustrator & Movie: たま - Tama
Guitarist: TEST
Mixing & Mastering: madamxx

Author's Comments
"An ode to the springtime of life!"

First Love Campus ・Pure Love Course

Though I'm completely bad at both studying and exercising,
I didn't know my social standing, and I fell in love with the president (you)!
A momentous decision! A 7,100-letter love letter!
But I don't have the courage to hand it to you...

Hey, I know what you've been looking at.
Hey, if you've got something to do, then say it!

Erm, um, uh, well...
The weather's really nice, isn't it!
It was nice that today also went well~!

How come you're shaking?
What're you hiding there? (!)
Show me, listen! (No....)

Look, an aura of charisma that overflows from me.
My necktie, of course, was specially made by Bayberry!
What, that's a weird brand that I haven't even heard of.
Moreover, don't hold a rose in your mouth in the classroom, okay!

Hey, this Sunday..
Ah, I have practice. Another time, 'kay!

Ah, does perfect me scare you, my kitten?
If the girls are jealous, it can't be helped.
That groundless confidence is just a bit enviable.
...It's already evening, huh.

...This is my childhood friend, my sullen lamb. (!!)
She's talking to me, okay?
This is bad. I can't be called incompetent anymore!
President! Please, read this letter!


"Every time your silk-like hair is swayed by the wind..."
"My pulse beats fast...something something..."
You have no literary talent. But she chose me.
...Say, isn't that right?

Two astounded people. My response...well, what will it be?
However, the one thing I'm thinking of, y'know... (...)
It'd be nice if these kind of stupid days
Would go on forever and ever and ever...

(Mm, it's nothing...)