Saturday, June 9, 2012

リコリスの塔 - YonoP

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Upload Date: 06/08/12
Vocals: Gumi (Whisper)
Composer: YonoP
Illustrator: 防人 - Sakimori
Mastering: 内緒でお願いP - Naisho-de-onegaiP

Licorice Tower

- This is the story of a different world. -
- Come, let us open the book. -

From a gap in the meadow, fish that swim through the sky.
Gaze at the licorice tower.
In this town, there is a "secret".

A person who has been deprived of the person who has been granted.

I was born in this town,
And at that time, I had my facial expressions stolen.
Even discrimination was a part of my body.

The pebbles sing of the footpath between rice paddies that we ran through.
The girls call in three syllables that it's "a secret".

Smiles as well as sorrow, they sound only within my heart, though even tears won't appear.
"Lila! Lila! From the barn I'd said I wanted to become a bird, and white cloth now, it took off!"

The licorice tower, its gates open only to those who solved its riddle:
"Meet God."

- The licorice town surrounded by an outer wall. -
- At the heart of the town, it is divided into two by the border of the licorice tower, and wars occur again and again and again. -
- One side is "normal" humans. On the other side live the "stupid". -
- In that town, things that were given too much, and things that couldn't be given were called stupid. -
- "The girl who had her facial expressions stolen." -
- "The girls who talk simultaneously in only three syllables." -
- "Giants." -
- "The girl who can predict the future." -
- This, it's the story of the people who live in that town. -

If I were to meet you, I would have a wish.
"Don't make anymore discrepancies. That's it."

"Lila! Lila! I'm happy now," we say,
So we'll certainly go on living in this town.