Saturday, June 2, 2012

運命ノ子 - 暗黒童話P

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Upload Date: 06/01/12
Vocals: 初音ミク・ GUMI - Hatsune Miku & Gumi
Composer: 暗黒童話P - Ankoku-DōwaP
Illustrator & Movie: 友人Ⅱ - Yūjin Ⅱ

Author's Comments
"It is that it will repaint 'the tale of which everyone knows the conclusion' as 'the conclusion which no one knows'.
It is that it will repaint it black, black."

Child of Destiny

Tonight, a single story of the night
Of the full moon, to those who know its conclusion.

The fragrant plot of land of Benikirasōju. Now for an old story.
Three thousand ri away from civilization, a horned boy secretly lives there.

For being flesh-colored, "human-colored", he is despised by the members of his tribe.
He abandoned his home town and five years passed, and he was known and loved by no one.

Time passes, and the only ones I love dearly are you.
It's strange, but it's great, y'know; though all three of you have different appearances from me...

Since I decided to live alone, a prank on the goddess of Love
Determined that I would happen across her, a wounded, fallen barefoot girl.

Please hide me, as far as a place that my pursuers' eyes won't reach.
I'll carry you to my house, and shelter you, so eat this. "A secret fruit."

Come, it'll soon become healthy, your small body with black hair long.
You are a human child, and seeing me this way,
You aren't afraid? Of horned me.

A life of unquestioningly watching over the girl of unclear origin begins for the boy.
The girl is destined for Love, captivated by the reticent yet kind boy.

Though small, the warmth they felt, though small, dwelled within her.
Though small, the definite happiness, though small, was a great delight.

Towards the end of the month, when dark clouds hid the full moon,
They finally found their house, and would arrest the daughter of their enemy.

I asked all of you to run away,
And bid the same of my wife and child.

They kill voices, have no heads, run with heads;
From behind me I feel the final moment of the one I love.
The fruit that that person entrusted to me,
It's protected your body, and shown us the way.

Listen, my child, the blood that flows within you,
The blood of man and "ogre" is hated and cursed, and you'll be ruined for it.
Your father's and "my" blood strengthens you.
And to that extent, these guys will protect you.