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Dr.リアリスト - cosMo (暴走P)

3rd installment.

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Upload Date: 08/24/11
Vocals: 神威がくぽ - Kamui Gakupo
Composer: cosMo (暴走P) - cosMo (BōsōP)
Lyricist: Story Researcher (GAiA & cosMo)

Author's Comments
"Without facing reality, they escape to momentary delusions, to pleasure. I think it's not beautiful."

Album Website
"A super-dimensional gentleman who wants to object a brief comment to the town's system. He tests whether the eyes of its residents, who were shown illusions, can be opened, but it doesn't turn out considerably well when the residents to whom he showed reality flat out broke. His motive is unclear. He's taking along his two daughters named ρ (Roh) and λ (Lambda)."

Dr. Realist

「You cowardly piglets who are satisfied with 『illusions (the THEATER)』.
You all have no interest in 『reality』, do you?」

――Seceding mankind knew.
「If there is 『fuel (food)』to mobilize their 『flesh (bodies)』, they believed they could stipulate 『life』.
However, in spite of it, they lost their 『live coals (hope)』 and can't light the fire of their 『spirits (hearts)』.
Their 『spirits (hearts)』 that lost their light love the gods of death.
In order to keep despair away, gentle 『illusions (lies)』 were necessary.」

Perishing mankind thought――
「About a SYSTEM where they would entrust their important 『memory (hearts)』 to a 『wishing star (Stella)』 and escape to 『illusions (lies)』.」

「Regarding the town's secrets, I may come to hear about them at any rate from my daughters. From this point on......」
「Shall we get to hear my 『point of view (story)』?」

Once there was a device to pursue the 『truth (world)』called science.
Once there was trial and error to get close to the 『truth (world)』 called history.

---You can't come to like this 『theater (town)』that is embraced by tender 『illusions (lies)』, no matter what.---

To borrow that which was a weapon to win over 『the law (God)』
And rewrite their 『demises (conclusions)』 in order to make 『illusions (lies)』, that
Isn't desecration toward their predecessors, is it?

Is 『fact (that)』 unbearable hardship, and an abominable past that you ought to obliviate, you think?
You degenerate, pitiful people who turn your backs on 『reality (the dark)』 rely on the 『illusion theater (THEATER)』.
Tranquility where you get to seal yourself away. Know that that is a false blessing!!
Stand and face it, miss. Stop covering your ears and eyes like a child.

<<Face reality!!>>
<<The theater is phantom.>>
<<The theater is phantom.>>
<<The theater is the 『mirror where you reach disappearance』.>>

Is 『fact (that)』 unbearable hardship, and an abominable past that you ought to obliviate, you think?
You people who feared 『reality (the dark)』, escaped to the 『illusion theater (THEATER)』, and gloated away.
He battles with reality valiantly. How beautiful the appearance of youth is!!
Stand and face it, boy. Resigning from everything lethargically won't make it end!!

A blessing for the sake of mankind is defined as what!?
An idealistic argument called the salvation of everything!?
Sacrificing 100 fools for 0 conclusions,
Isn't it that we change them into 1 hope!?
That which isn't 「cold-heartedness」 nor the like is pure curiosity.
Without it being a 『script (DIORAMA)』 that they shut away in their dreams,
I only want to see the 『possibilities (PANORAMAS)』 that spread out infinitely.

Science that grows great proves it, that my pursuit of reality for sure is just.
History that won't loosen proves it, that there's no worth in feeble correctness.

「Just by you all being alive will the 『future (food)』 be consumed.
Look at how you invest in that with 『delusions (lies)』 that produce nothing.」
「It isn't a wholly foolish and absurd deed, is it?」

The detestable past and the cruel present (now) too will never be worthless things.
You who know not of 『reality (the light)』 and sleep in a 『paradise (THEATER)』, who grow pure in ignorance.
Only the things that faced this instant's reality will encounter 『hope (Stella)』 that hid in the 『unknown (dark)』.
Stand and face it, boastful mankind (PEOPLE)! Catch the 『tales (now)』 that grow rigorous!!

Is 『fact (that)』 a merciless future where you face a ruin so helpless, you think?
You people who are frightened of 『reality (the dark)』 and fill 『coffins (the THEATER)』, only waiting for your final hours.
Having both pulsations and emotions, you all who still carry on 『life (a miracle)』
Are too quick to stop walking. I'll bestow a CHANCE to you to bring forth the future.
Whether  you  want  it  or  not!!

Oh my goodness, another person flat out broke.
It seems my device for catching the 『truth (world)』 was too small, huh.
Whatever, sacrifices come with the reclamation of the 『unknown area (future)』, see.
Whoops, if I don't go soon,
The next 『challenger (actor)』, she'll be waiting a while on the stage.