Sunday, July 28, 2013

サクラノ前夜 - ナノウ (ほえほえP)

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 04/07/10
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: ナノウ (ほえほえP) - Nanou (HoehoeP)
Illustrator & Movie: オサレP - OsareP

The Eve of the Cherry Blossoms

Papa, Mama, thank you.
Also, I am sorry.
I don't want to be in this kind
Of house for another second.
I hid the scars
All over my body with a coat,
And started running alone
Through town in the middle of the night.

I wonder if you surely
Don't remember it now.
The promise we exchanged
When we parted ways:
"Since I'll come to rescue you when we become adults,
I'll be waiting at that place the night before the cherry blossoms bloom."

In the town were no one is, it's just like
Only myself
Was left behind.
I've been clinging to this kind of tiny
Up till today.

"Tomorrow is coming around. That's just scary,"
I was crying.
"I'm here,"
A smiling face
Comes to mind.
This town that
Wounded me, that house too,
Just about everything
Declares its farewell tonight.
With you--

Within the forest on the outskirts of town,
The place of our promise.
We played there together often,
Under "God's trees".
I bumped into tree branches
And my cheeks got torn up.
But when I compare it to this body,
This kind of thing doesn't hurt.

All alone, my legs that tremble.
The dark forest
Bares its teeth mercilessly.
I mean, even if I retrace my steps here,
What will
Remain for me?

My true laughter that I was scared of, ran away from,
And shut away.
I get it back for
Just once more time,
In this hand.
I'll get there very soon.
It will end very soon,
Just about everything.
Under the moonlight,
I could see
The big tree
Of our promise.

The stars were glittering.
The moon was pretty.
The cherry blossoms were blooming.
You weren't there.

It's fine now.
I understood from the start,
That I can't go anywhere.
Becoming an adult is defined
As this kind of a thing, I bet.
This town that
Wounded me, that house
Is somehow
A little warm.
It's alright.
You be happy
Like that someway or another.
I can go on living
With the smile within my memory.

When I opened the door,
A dull sound echoed.
Papa who's being hit
And Mama who lets out a shriek.
"Since I'll come to rescue you
When we become adults,"
The smile I really like
Took my hand.