Saturday, July 6, 2013

修道少女と偶像少女 - cosMo (暴走P)

2nd installment.

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Upload Date: 05/23/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: cosMo (暴走P) - cosMo (BōsōP)
Lyricist: Story Researcher (GAiA & cosMo)

Author's Comments
"Cantering, trotting. A much too egotistic comedy. If there are things you want to confess, go to this church."

Album Website
"The nun girl... She decides to become a net idol who should eliminate boring life at the monastery, but at the end of that when things aren't going well, she knows of the truth. What she imagined was, <a town that decided there were no committed errors>."

The Nun Girl and the Idol Girl

The town saves equally, those who have been severed from the future,
Even as far as deserting their "sins" on the oblivious other side.

At the church in the outskirts of town,
I'm tentatively vocative,
My reason for applying was kinda crap.
Though I don't entirely understand
why I have this job, huh?

I do things behind the abbe's back, I secretly
He's gone!
Slack off and laze about. Afterwards,
It's polishing the stained glass
And having too much free time
and praying vaguey.

Today too I shall lend my ear
to the confessing voices of the lost lambs.
Dear sister
I cannot find my lover. ><
I don't know his name. I'm sorry. P.N. Lost Girl
Yes, yes, it'd be nice to find a good person.
Is this some kind of troubles consultation office!? (Though she's not mistaken...)

One day ending,
GUIDE: There's still the task of finishing your appearance.
Ah, I forgot. Sorry. (Tch, shut up...)
I'm sparingly greedy,
and my prayers and the like are vague.
↑ ★ 「But I don't think that's a problem...」
\\God, please watch over us for the day today too. (Etc.)// 
Gratitude (prayer) only as a formality (in form).
/ It's peaceful proof, I think!\

What my monitor that lost its
discretion (filter) continues to spit out
Is boring Dis-reason
a bunch of psuedo
religious wars (warfare).

Hey, I beg you, Mr. Computer Guide,
Even for this kind of plain me,
Please give me a hint so I can
Live every day stimulatingly.

H.N.☆Realist☆> Then, Nun Girl, how would you like to try being an <<IDOL>>?

I type on my keyboard--transform★ation. An IDOL on the Internet.
I'm an angel who sprinkles love and dreams and other such things around!
         ↑ wannabe
A bombardment (lots) of prayers.
「So as that you thee (YOU) may be happy. ☆」
It's decided that God too will be delighted if I've done fun things!

After some time...

Having fun too was brief.
I was being a bit too festive.
After some time I was grown tired of,
And people too
Flat out got sporadic!

Not thinking on the unpleasant trolling that they gush out,
I feel angry, what's with THOSE GUYS--
I'm gonna show them UP! I'm gonna show them!
Exactly what kind of fruits
The words they threw at me will bear!

What I clasped was an ominously shining blade.
I "remember" everything,
What I wanted to "confess" to here.

--a lot. lol  So cute  Marry me----  I love youuuuuuuu
The past me too was an IDOL
This is terrible. lol  Die already. lol  Disgusting. lol  Too awful. lol
And lost her place the same as me,
The conclusion I mindlessly narrowed down.
In insinuation,
Even though I cut my wrists live...

A saint who's burdened with pain (or such a setup)
is good,
So to the church I canter and trot.
Although I don't especially feel like dying,
Supplying myself with a grandiose knife,
Is this
A temporary stoppage?

Oh yeah, it was trespassing.

My grasped shoulder.
At my back was the young abbe (boy).
In that hand that panicked and chose to shake him off, there was still
---a trick of fate?---
---an inevitable casualty, see.---
---The knife I forgot to let go of?---

A red color this sad was born and I saw for the first time.
Who, what, how come, what should I--
If I could make it so someone hadn't died yet
For a reason his comical......I think. There's no saving me.

Here I am sorry. If I keep it up, I wonder
If God will forgive all that I've done.
Here I am sorry. Since I'll keep it up, God,
Please forgive all that I've done.

Since it's much too heavy
for me to be burdened with--

The town <<Stella>> may grant her even this kind of egotistic prayer.
And yet I'll never approve of it.

Now I won't go forward toward the future. What continues to heavily collect
Is only thoughts (voices) of confessions that won't stop crying and tears (rain) of regret that continue falling.