Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 03/27/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append
Composer: U-ske
Illustrator & Movie: hie
Encoder: 7@


The voice that had echoed got through to my ears.
I encountered you as if it was a miracle.
My mouth that softened if we had hugged tightly.
The future too that included our wishes.

One way or another, I murmur a name.
Call this present time to be happiness.

I was born in this world. You were born here for me.
I will watch over you at all times right beside you.
Even if there's no reason in my heart that grows kind,
I can love, no one else but you.

The fact that the world's much too invisible
To your right eye that knew the truth.
It's so heavy that it's kinda scary
And burdens your small body--

Even if I trip on lonely words
That could get stuck and I stand still--

One tear that flowed on that cheek
Forgets that it was loved before it knows it--
If so, listen a little since I grasp your hand
Every time. I will tell a story about my feelings or something.

Now, we're still young and don't understand, they say.
"Thank you." To just one person, listen--
At that time when we grow up, it'd sure be nice if my thoughts
Were communicated so we could pass the time laughing.