Wednesday, April 24, 2013

美しき果実 - やまじ

Requested by Canon Subs of Blogger & YouTube.

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Upload Date: 04/18/13
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin
Composer: やまじ - Yamaji
Illustrator: 456
Movie: potako
Mastering: 友達募集P - TomodachiBoshūP

Beautiful Fruit

The magic country that I was yearning
Is God's garden. It becomes reality.

More and more people come swarming to the smell that pricks their noses
And are filling it up with comatose love today too.

I was flinging away the petals of a half-bloomed flower,
Remembered before I was born,
And murmured expressionlessly that it wasn't a gift
To only live beautifully.

The decayed roots that were fed by the rain
Don't at all think of being saved.
Look no longer at my name
That was carved into a discolored mural.

The existence of the respiration that had stopped
Rejoiced your life only,
And the gunpowder smoke too that showed nausea
Showed its face so as to sneer.
Words that start to overflow and the ABCs spelled in a notebook.
Is picking up emotions that are taken
No notice of a kindness, do you think?

It sprouted at the bottom of a half-bloomed flower.
The vibrant fruit being ignored,
It curled up its body and slept like a prince
Who had worn colorless clothes.

I've lived with you forever.
Something like a farewell is so lonely.

That light that shined at the bottom of the sky
Ripening the beautiful fruit,
The petals of a half-bloomed flower are blown
And whirled up into the past for your sake.