Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ゆらゆら - mato

Requested by Canon Morales Molina of Blogger.

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 04/07/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append dark
Composer: mato
Illustrator: たゆ - Tayu
Movie & Encoder: 鹿乃 - Kano

Authro's Comments
"The magic spell you laugh."

From Side to Side

Can't you tell the rest of the story
Of when you went silent that day, to me?
Since I'll show that I smile well?

Is the sound of the rain of my heart audible to you?
Will you share half of your sadness with me too?
You think it impossible, but are you not crying alone?
Are you not making the habit of not being strong and hiding it from me?

In the corner
Of a room with no exit, you and I
Playing hide-and-seek together.
Come over here.
Let's tell stories.
Tell it to me, your story.

From side to side, it's the magic spell you laugh.
While I want you to be smiling if possible,
Only you--

Rusted stars and androids of sand.
It's like the story of you and me, right?

From side to side, the magic spell you put on me, see,
Abruptly is totally broken,
Oh, in this kind of a way.

Inside my chest, a keloid ached.
Chagrined pain that I can't touch.
It was agonizing and was just stopping my breath.

For example, only us two will be left in this world--
Stopped time, totally move.

From side to side, from side to side--
These words, echo.
I want to weave them tenderly
And bind our hands indefinitely.