Monday, November 4, 2013

散華抄 - ミミコP

Requested anonymously.

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Upload Date: 10/19/13
Vocals: Galaco
Composer: ミミコP - MimikoP

Author's Comments
"Until I bind the fruit, I can't stop.
I've been living that kind of way.
I'm going to live that kind of way."

Excerpt of Falling as Flowers Do

Sipping my solitude,
They suck up my tears.
Roots, stems,
those casting long shadows,
they grow.

Knowing not even a single person,
eternal flowers that float in the dark.
It repeats many times after,
the excerpt of falling as flowers do that I draw on a staff.

Until they're reduced to apple pears of ice,
they surely can't end.
Until the flowers that bloomed bind their scattered fruits,
they surely, surely can't stop.
In dreaming, it continues in the traces of dreams.
Poetry with no full stop
Is rebounding inside
of these ears.
It's forever, forever,
forever, echoing.


If they were reduced to apple pears of ice,
would they crumple and rot,
And would they go on a trip, melting into the ground
and being hugged by the planet? Conserve the saplings.

Until my voice withers away,
what kind of words shall I sing (bring up)?
The present of the flesh and blood.
The cosmos that's being dyed.
I just, I continue
to weave surreptitiously.