Sunday, November 10, 2013

浮かれた大学生は死ね - 石風呂

Requested by dinosaurinacup of Tumblr.

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 03/20/12
Vocals: SF-A2 miki
Composer: 石風呂 - Ishi Furo
Mastering: shindy

Author's Comments
"It is a song for Kyoto."

Festive College Students Can Go and Die

Up along the railway of the Kamo River.
Shall I count the number of
men and women lined up, and sleep?
It was that kind of mood.
I shall throw out a large
amount of gasoline there
and start a fire, I shall start a fire.

Today, it's so cold.
Although, I'm alone.
So it's unsettling,
though I don't freaking mind.
I shall throw several hundred
things of gunpowder there
and start a fire,
I shall start a fire.

Though I really won't do it o' course,
that is to say, it's a crime.
We are always healthy, see.
There's no room for impurity to get in anywhere.

It was a night covered in lies
like I'd laugh just a little
while shedding tears.
I want to be that kind of a person
like they'd dissolve that
while crashing their words.
I want to right now.

Up along the railway of Midōsuji.
The scenery of the Far East.
I board the Keihan Main Line
While being reminded of it--
The combination of men and women who flirt in the train car.
I shall start a fire, I shall start a fire.

I slip with a dark smile through
the town where COUPLES go,
and aim for Ten'ichijin's main office, see.

It was a town covered in trash
like I'd kill someone
while saving people.
I was me covered in contradictions
like I'd spit out saliva
while singing of love.

Third Person
It's okay to mope and blame, saying it's 'cause you don't have a lover.
That kind of thing makes
me irritated the most.
I'm not freaking
moping over anyone in particular.
Shall I punch your lights out?

In ev'ry one of our days--
Ah, that kind of surplus too,
like I could laugh just a little
within a sweet town, is necessary, see.
Peculiar me, like I'd
laugh strangely within
every bitter day, is okay.

Just one thing at the end,
I wanna say this only in advance.

Festive college students can go
And die.