Wednesday, October 30, 2013

線香花火 - ごちんこ

Requested anonymously.

Upload Date: 09/02/10
Vocals: SF-A2 miki
Composer: ごちんこ - Gochinko
Illustrator: みかんばこ - Mikanbako


The season when sparklers bloom and scatter
approaches and brings lovers together,
And softly teaches of the end of exhausted summer colors.

Was the town at night this quiet, you think?
I was called by the doorbell when I was looking at the stars from the window.
You who shows me the fireworks you bought at the convenience store, saying, "Let's set off fireworks."
What you held out with a smile is one small bag.

My memories too are swaying in the wind.
Together at a small park.
No matter what words I search for,
I can't break the quiet time--

Not saying that you're unexpectedly quiet and surprised,
Yet in the day we chatter well enough that we can't lose to cicadas, y'know.
Enough to not think about when we were kids who were in such high spirits,
Being quietly shined on by lights that were turned on together with you.

Staring at the tenderly swaying fire,
together at a small park.
We faced each other, and the firework of smiling you scattered first.

Even if our sparklers bloom and scatter,
I say we won't be changing--
I had confidence, I grasped your hand,
And I stared at the flickering stars.

Since next year I'll surely go to invite you from me,
You be waiting, unchanged, on nights when you can see the stars well again.